Why Mother’s Day Is A Pisstake

reblogging as it’s Mother’s Day UK this Sunday, #ThrowbackThursday

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Before I start, let me just say that it’s not just Mother’s Day that gets on my nerves, it’s all these commercialised ‘days’ we have to have. It’s the fact that you can tell what ‘day’ is approaching by what exuberant displays greet you when you walk into the supermarket. For example, my local Home Bargains shop was nothing short of a confused mess just recently when they were displaying Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter all at the same time!

Loads of things annoy me about Mother’s Day. Maybe I’m bitter and cynical. Well yeah, probably a bit. I’ve had plenty of nice ones, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had plenty of those sweet little cards they help them to make at school, and I’ve had croissants smeared with jam brought up to me on a tray in bed, and I’ve had kisses and cuddles and flowers and the…

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4 thoughts on “Why Mother’s Day Is A Pisstake

  1. My mother has always hated ‘Mother’s Day’ – in the commercial sense – and made it quite clear when we were kids. She always insists on calling it Mothering Sunday because that’s what it originated as, when girls were in service, and would get time off to spend with their mothers! Fathers Day came much later. I made a similar comment recently on my FB status about International Women’s Day. Yes, I support it, and we used to do a lot of things back in the day to raise awareness of the lot of women but….it’s as if by having one day in the year we’re saying that the other 364 aren’t for women! Wtf? Yes, everything is increasingly commercial. Christmas starts when Halloween is out the way and Halloween, well! When I was a kid there was none of this trick or treat rubbish (American import), though we did have mischief night in Liverpool! That was the night before Halloween though. Everything and anything is commercialised and that is a turn-off and a rip-off.

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  2. Thanks Kate! Yes, it just automatically puts you off doesn’t it? A year after writing this post I walked into Tesco the other day and wanted to puke at all the crappy pastel coloured items they think women want. I just want a bag of compost and a new tree!! 😀


      1. PS – I have a memory that is reverse of your latest comment! In the 70s a friend of my mum and dad’s was given a bag of compost for her 50th birthday by her husband which she was none too impressed with! I think she would have welcomed something a bit more traditional and what she would have described as more ‘thoughtful’!


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