My Books


The Mess of Me

themessofme-BLANK (1)

First published May 2013.

Lou Carling is 16 and obsessed with getting thinner. Joe is her best friend, and last night they found something they shouldn’t have in Joe’s older brothers wardrobe. Travis and Leon are shady figures, leading shadier lives, and during one summer Lou and Joe find themselves pulled into the drama, the confusion and the violence. Read more…

This is Nowhere

First published December 2014.This is Nowhere by Chantelle Atkins

Jake Morgan has never been scared of dying. It’s living he can’t quite commit to. Thirteen years after he ran away to seek oblivion, he returns home to face the question that has been haunting him. His mother’s disappearance in 1996 tore the family apart, but with his father Matthew suffering from dementia, is it too late to discover the truth? Read more…

The Boy with the Thorn in His Side

First published in two parts;  July & September 2013. Re-released April 2015.

England. 1993. 13 year old Danny is new in town. It’s meant to be a new start, but for Danny and his mother the old problems remain. He’s a troublemaker who lies, and she always attracts the wrong men. With his new misfit friends in tow, Danny vows to scare men away from his mother. Enter Lee Howard. Local nightclub owner. Violent control freak. He is about to become a very painful thorn in Danny’s side… What do you do when your mother is dating a real life monster and no one can see it but you? Spanning the decade that brought us grunge and Britpop, Danny’s struggle is accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack. A powerful coming-of-age story of friendship, love and fighting back. Read more…

 This Is The Day

First published Dec 2015thisistheday-final

At the age of sixteen, Danny was sent to prison for committing a violent and brutal crime. Eight years later he is released, determined to put his disturbing past behind him. He wants to lead a normal, decent life, with the friends who stuck by him and his teenage sweetheart Lucy. Life is complicated enough, and he soon realises the past has not finished with him yet. His loved ones have all been damaged in different ways by the crime he committed, a nosy reporter is desperate to hear the whole sordid story, and someone else does not think he has been punished enough. As a sinister hate campaign starts to target him and the people he loves, Danny is forced to face the reality of the decision he made eight years ago. Who is out to get him, and what do they want? This Is The Day is the sequel to The Boy With The Thorn In His Side.

Bird People and Other Stories

First published May 2016

Bird People (2)

Boredom, loneliness, alienation, friendship, revenge, first love, violence, dreams, fractured families and broken communities. A twisted plot to exact revenge on a school bully, a teenage alcoholic who dreams of being a singer, a young girl’s developing obsession with a boy from the wrong side of town, a lonely boy’s attempt to collect strangers as friends, and a chilling glimpse into a future where owning seeds and growing food is banned. A unique collection of dark and edgy short stories and character snapshots, all connected in some way to the novels by Chantelle Atkins


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