May 2016

Bird People and Other Stories – out now in ebook and paperback. These short stories are all connected to novels already written by me, (some published, some unfinished) and novels yet to be written by me. Writing these stories was so much fun. Some of my characters had suggested alternative endings to current novels, while some thought the action should be seen from their eyes for a change!

June 2016

I have just started work on what ought to be the final draft of The Tree Of Rebels. Let’s hope so anyway! I am expecting there to be an Autumn release for this YA novel.

July 2016

Pronoun – I have just placed one of my books, The Boy With The Thorn On His Side with the Pronoun publishing platform. This is a bit of an experiment to see what happens. I have to say, so far, I am incredibly impressed with the site, which is very user friendly. You can create a really beautiful ebook with it, plus there is a community of formatters, editors, proofreaders and designers. The communication with support is also excellent. More on this soon!


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