Short Story Problems!

Short stories have always proved problematic for me. The clue is in the word ‘short’. I’m not too good at ‘short’. But I am learning, and I am also learning how vital it is to master short stories.

Recently, an old friend was sorting out her attic and found something I had once given her. It was a short story I’d written when I was about fifteen. She brought it over and gave it to me and for a moment or two I was utterly flummoxed. Not only could I not recall writing it, but I couldn’t work out how I’d done it either. I mean, I struggle with short stories, I really do.

For a while, I gave up on them completely. I was too busy writing rather long novels, and didn’t see the point in pursuing something I didn’t think came naturally to me. Then one day someone suggested writing short stories related to my novels and releasing them as a kind of marketing tool. I have to admit, as cynical as it sounds, I liked the idea immediately. Not so much the marketing bit, but the writing short stories related to my novels bit. You see I am rather over attached to my novels, the current ones, the ones in progress, and the ones that are still just in my head. I rather see the characters as real people and it’s extremely hard to switch off from them. They kind of exist forever. They are always starting new stories, diving into new dramas and conflicts. So writing some short stories suddenly seemed like an extremely enticing and fun idea. And it was. And Bird People and Other Stories was born.

Now, I have to admit to being rather proud of this little book. I can’t say I have mastered the art of the short story, far from it. Many of the shorts in this book are character snapshots, or scenes from a different point of view than the one shown in the novel. But they were easy and fun to write, which was a massive revelation to me as a writer who had turned away from short stories for so long.

I’m now kind of addicted to them. In fact I write one once a month to be included in my author newsletter (click here if you want to sign up!)

My friend’s discovery reminded me that I had once embraced short stories before novels. Like a lot of young writers, I cut my teeth on short stories and little ‘books’ before I worked up the skills and patience to write an actual novel.

I’d just forgotten!

Reading through this particular story, I’m both embarrassed and impressed. Embarrassed by the younger me’s habit of repeating myself, a lot. I used to say the same thing in about three different ways, as if afraid of being misunderstood! But I’m impressed by my fearlessness, and that’s what young writers have in abundance. I didn’t fear the short story then, I just thought of one and got on with it. There was no ‘I can’t do this’, or ‘I’m not as good at shorts, so I won’t bother.’

If I am honest, I still find them a challenge. Some work instantly. Like magic. Others don’t. For as many finished shorts, I have unfinished, festering, niggling ones. I know what I want to say, but just can’t seem to say it.

I mean, what is the perfect short story anyway? The one that says something big in the shortest, sharpest way possible? Or is it really down to personal taste, as with novels?

The other problem I have with shorts is their annoying tendency to start developing into full blown novels! Give them an inch and they take a mile! I now have one epic novel, if not an entire series of books planned due to inspiration taken from the last two short stories I attached to my newsletter. Unexpected and brilliant, but you know, I don’t want this happening too often! There is already a backlog of books waiting to be written. (See Upcoming Books!)

So, what’s your opinion on short stories? Do you enjoy reading them? What makes the perfect short story in your opinion? And if you write them, how does the process work for you?

My Author Newsletter!

This is just a quick post to let my followers know about my new author newsletter. This is something I have been meaning to set up for quite some time. It’s one of those things that gets put onto every week’s to-do list and then gets added to the following week, and so on. Well, I have finally sorted out an account with Mailchimp, in order to send out regular author newsletters.

Subscribers to the email newsletter will receive the very latest news from me, including new releases, sneak peeks, exclusives and freebies. As I do not intend to give my books away for free anymore (might blog about this decision another time!) the best way to get freebies, if you want them, is to subscribe to the newsletter, where you will receive special treatment! Rather than make my books free to the whole world, I would like to reward my loyal and eager readers with free books every now and again. There will also be short stories and character bio’s, early blurbs for future books, alternative endings, competitions and so much more! Everything you receive in your newsletter will be exclusive and not available anywhere else.

I am hoping to get the first one out next week. It’s all in place; I just want to allow a few days to see if I change my mind about anything! Subscribers will get an exclusive short story which is related to my next novel The Tree Of Rebels. In fact, it is essentially a mini prequel to the book. This story will not be published on here, Wattpad or anywhere else.

I would really love to build this email list up and get as many as you involved as possible. So, if you think you might like to receive special treatment, free books and short stories, sneak peeks into future projects, including character bios, blurbs and more, then please click on the link below!  Many thanks!