Hello world!

So this is my first post.

I am going to use this sort of as a diary/journal, sort of to get things out of my head when I need to, to talk and think about my writing and share my attempts to get it published. Will post my synopsis for my novel when I’ve redone it as it definitely needs redoing. Am a third of the way through  re-reading my novel, checking for errors etc. This has been the millionth rewrite, feels like it anyway. Gonna check it then leave it. Send it out, try to self-publish, and then get on with the rest of them. Two more finished novels that need editing and three unfinished ones that need me back!! ‘The Boy With The Thorn in His Side’ has been with me since I was 12. Once this final haul is done, I’ve got to leave it and move on!!  It’s good to talk.

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