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Autharium’s Tuesday Takeover

You can be inspired to write by lots of things; a news article, a family event, the view from your deckchair, a conversation with a friend, a relationship. The list of motivators endless. One of the biggest influences for published Autharium writer Chantelle Atkins is music. The Golden Age of Britpop; the media-fuelled fisticuffs, the gangly swagger of Pulp’s lofty frontman, and the mildly angst-riddled soundtrack to Thatcher Britain. Music, specifically that period of 90s UK indie rock, is ever-present in Chantelle’s work. Her two-part book series, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, even borrows its name from a Smiths track.

It seems only appropriate then for Chantelle, in her first Tuesday Takeover, to talk about her love of music and shed light on exactly how it shaped the writing of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side. However, there’s much more to the post than…

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