Your Novel as a MOVIE? Not as Far-Fetched as One Might Imagine

Very interesting and inspiring blog from Kristen Lamb. It would be my ultimate dream to see any of my books as a film or TV Series. Really want to sign up for this class too, but not got the pennies at the moment!!

Kristen Lamb's Blog


Last week when I was in Los Angeles I had the great pleasure of meeting with a long-time friend and supporter of mine, Hollywood producer Joel Eisenberg  and he taught a fantastic class at the Writers’ Digest Conference about how to get your book made into film, whether on TV or the big screen. I begged him to teach that same class to you guys and since he is kind and generous and an all-round amazing human being, he agreed.

So why is it that I stalked a Hollywood producer to teach this class? Because we are in exciting times to be a writer.

I like making industry predictions and thus far I have been pretty spot on and I hope that’s the case here, too. Technology has completely altered our world. We have not seen such drastic change in human civilization since the invention of the Gutenberg Press. Technology…

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