My 2017 Writing Goals

So, last week I wrote a post where I examined the goals I set myself in 2016 versus the reality. You can read it here if you missed it! I set myself twelve goals to achieve over the year and I was able to tick off seven off them at the end, which personally I was quite pleased with! I’m a bit of a list person, to be honest. My mind is such a whirlwind of chaos that I have to write lists, or things would just not get done. So here is my list of things I hope to achieve in 2017. As with last year, I think this will help keep me on track and focused!

  1. Finish the first draft of my current work-in-progress A Song For Bill Robinson (literally days away from this now!)
  2. Leave that aside, and go back to Elliot Pie’s Guide To Human Nature for a final draft read-through on the laptop, followed by a final read through on my Kindle
  3. Find a cover for Elliot Pie! Which is going to involve a lot of thinking and research and approaching various people as I really, really need to get this right
  4. Devise a promotional plan for releasing Elliot Pie, which will involve online and real life launches, promotional material and so on
  5. Release Elliot Pie!!
  6. Go back to The Tree Of Rebels and rewrite it until I am happy
  7. During this time, I suspect I will delve into a second and possibly third draft of A Song For Bill Robinson. I don’t think it will be ignored for an entire year!
  8. Early in the new year, follow up on the initial contact I have made with two schools through my Chasing Driftwood Writing Group business, and arrange to go in and speak to them about my project proposal
  9. If they are on board, I then need to secure funding for the project!
  10. In March I will run my first adult workshop under Chasing Driftwood Writing Group. Having done various workshops now for Dorset Writers Network I am ready to take the plunge on my own and run a workshop on building your author platform
  11. At this workshop I will be introducing my ideas and plans for a Dorset Pop-Up Book Shop, where indie authors can come along and sell their paperbacks in a pop-up shop, hopefully to be welcomed into libraries, literary events and so on
  12. At some point in 2017, I hope The Tree Of Rebels will finally be fit for purpose and I will then be planning another detailed promotional event and releasing it! Fingers crossed!


There. Twelve again! And that was not planned! I am really excited to see how many of these I manage to pull off! I feel inspired and invigorated just thinking about all of these goals!  What about you? Do you set yourself goals for the year ahead, and if so, what are they for 2017?

3 thoughts on “My 2017 Writing Goals

  1. Best of luck, Chantelle. I think the pop-up bookshop is an excellent idea and want some people to share such ideas in the Indie paperbacks Group on Facebook. I have been thinking along the same lines, that we need a physical place for such books to be seen and sold! But not sure how it would work on a less local scale e.g. nationally or internationally!

    As for my goals for 2017, most of these were writing ones (though I made some others too):

    My writing goals this year (some of them carried over from last year or even the year before):

    Finish Seroxat Sid/Neighbours story

    Start Down The Tubes follow up

    Get another book onto paperback, possibly Fruit Woman or The Dead Club, both would be nice!

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      1. Thanks Chantelle! That has been on my list for the last two years, at least, so I’m hoping to get it started this year! I decided not to be too over-ambitious with writing goals this year. You sound as if you’ve got your year cut out anyway. I’ll look forward to hearing updates 🙂


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