Guest Post: Chantelle Atkins – Indies As Outsiders

Here is a guest post I wrote for the lovely Shalaena Medford’s Socially Abstract blog. Thanks to Shalaena for asking me to do this! Does being an outsider make you work harder? Read on to find out

Shalaena Medford

Hello readers!


Today I would like to share a post written for my blog by the lovely Chantelle Atkins. If this is your first time hearing about her, you’re in for a treat. Chantelle is a fantastic indie novelist, blogger, and article contributor for Authors Publish Magazine (a wonderful tool for authors to look at publishing opportunities delivered straight to their inboxes). And, being from England, she’s taught me some of the most fun slang to use. I’ll be posting a blog dedicated to how I met such a wonderful character. For now, though, enjoy what she had to say!

~ * ~

The decision to self-publish is never taken lightly.

Those that do, have more often than not tried other avenues and been unsuccessful for various reasons. For example, traditional publishing is not too fond of books that are too long, too short, too hard to classify, of…

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