My 2016 Writing Goals

I haven’t blogged in a while. Not because I haven’t had things to say, but because I just have not had the time to say them! I’m working on two books at the same time, (as usual!) and this has obviously meant less time for blog posts, which is a shame. Anyway, I wanted to post tonight firstly to wish all of my followers a very happy new year,and to thank you all for being here and sharing this journey with me. Secondly, I wanted to post my writing goals for 2016. I am a to-do list freak, it has to be said. I do daily ones, weekly ones, you get the gist. I find that there are too many stories and characters in my head, and no room left for remembering stuff, so making lists and ticking things off is the best course of action for me! So, here we are. My writing goals for 2016. Everything I hope to achieve and plan to work towards!

  1. Finish the first draft of Elliot Pie’s Guide To Human Nature (nearly there!!)
  2. Whilst letting that first draft breathe, do the final rewrite/edit of The Tree Of Rebels and submit to agents and publisher’s. I want to try the traditional route with this book, as I think it is a worth a go every now and then!
  3. Whilst waiting for responses, dive into second draft of Elliot Pie, which also means developing a Pinterest storyboard for it.
  4. If no success with trad publishing, then release The Tree of Rebels with my indie publisher,with my detailed promo plan in place!!
  5. Have a real life/in the flesh book launch in my local library (eek scary!)
  6. Have an online launch/promo etc (see point 4)
  7. Finish putting together another short story collection, which will be partly shorts related to my novels, other shorts, and partly previous blog posts and musings
  8. Plan a local author event! This will be under my Chasing Driftwood Writing Group banner, and will involve getting other local authors together for a meet/greet/signing and workshop extravaganza, all designed to put readers in touch with writers, and spread the word locally about our books.
  9. Enter competitions and submit to awards!!
  10. Plot/plan the sequel to The Tree Of Rebels and add teaser chapters onto end of first book
  11. Start the sequel to The Mess Of Me (if I finish Elliot Pie, or when I am having a breather between drafts)
  12. Start writing the screenplay to The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, which involves writing in extra scenes between the two books, so as to make a TV series. Well, why not dream big??

Okay I think that’s it. I’m not sure I will manage them all, but I just need to have them all written down so I don’t forget!

Do you have any goals for your own writing in 2016?

What do you think will help you achieve them?


Happy New year!!

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